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What to Look for in a Homeschool Curriculum

Attending a homeschooling convention to select your homeschool curriculum can be refreshing. It leaves you reflecting over the myriad of possibilities that are available. Or perhaps it simply leaves you feeling more dizzy and confused than before you ever attended. Or you may be the type of parent that likes to browse through catalogs and choose what you think is best. You like to order your purchases by mail, phone, or Internet. You would rather contact the salesperson instead of them contacting you.

You might instead be the kind of homeschooler who prefers surfing the web to find exactly what you need. Regardless of how you shop for your homeschool curriculum online, through a catalog, or at a homeschool convention, here are some important suggestions to consider when making your choices: * Know your children's strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This will help you determine some of the materials you should get. You shouldn't only augment your child's strengths, but find a variety of resources that will also help turn weaknesses into strengths. * Know your family's needs.

For example, is your family religious? Do you have special needs kids? Is your family interested in traveling? When you choose a homeschool cirriculum, it's vital to consider all these different factors. * How does your child learn best? Is your child more of a visual learner, and auditory learner, or more of a hands-on learner? Knowing your child's learning style is a very important consideration when choosing curriculum. * What long-term goals does your family have? Has your child been setting goals? If you and your child both have a goal to let him or her run a business, you should focus on resources that will help both of you achieve this goal. * How much can you afford to spend on materials? There are some homeschooling families who don't have a problem with photocopying materials or "borrowing" the curriculum. I personally don't think this is fair.

You don't have to spend a fortune and leave your family destitute just by buying curriculum. If you take steps to plan ahead, you'll be able to factor the costs into your budget. * What philosophy appeals to you when it comes to homeschooling? There are many different schools of thought when it comes to homeschool cirriculum philosophies. Some examples include unscooling, Classical, Christian, accelerated, literature-based, textbook, and unit studies. * How much time can you spare? If you have several children and you also work part-time, this is very important to consider. When buying curriculum, you have to think about the time you'll be putting into this as well as your child's activities and co-op classes.

Before you decide on any homeschool curriculum, I think it's important for you to pray about your decision and talk things over with your spouse first.

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