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What Cooking Schools Can Do For You

There are many cooking schools out there, advertising their degrees in colorful brochures, energetic commercials, eye-catching advertisements, and comprehensive websites. But you may question whether a culinary degree really right for you. In fact, you might be surprised by the many ways in which an education from a culinary school can improve your life, at home as well as in your career. A cooking degree can help you get a job. Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of a cooking degree is to beef up your resume.

A degree will improve your chances of getting many culinary or related jobs, everything from chefs to restaurant reviewers to food advertising specialists. Managers want these jobs to be filled with employees who really know the culinary arts. A culinary education can help you qualify for a better job.

You may have been bucking for a promotion with no luck. Getting an education from one of the top cooking schools shows your employer that you have the ambition and sense of responsibility necessary to perform a more difficult job. A degree can also help you pass over the unskilled positions altogether, hiring directly into upper level positions that fit your level of education.

More qualifications mean more money. Tell potential employers that you are worth it. Studies have shown that entry-level employees entering the work force earn more, on average, when they have a degree. Getting a degree from one of the top cooking schools allows you to increase your earning power by improving your credentials.

A better understanding of food and nutrition will help you feed your family. Your family benefits from your culinary education, too. Balanced nutrition is difficult to achieve, but extraordinarily important for good health, particularly in growing children.

Most cooking schools will teach you the basics of nutrition, such as the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients our bodies get from food, as well as how to combine different foods to create a healthy, balanced meal. Knowing how to cook well will help you save money. Convenience foods and eating out are the two major drains on your food budget. With a culinary education, you won't need to rely on convenience and pre-packaged meals in order to eat well.

You will be able to make meals from scratch that are better, healthier, and less expensive. And when you get the hankering for five star foods, you won't have to pay restaurant prices for it, you'll be able to make it right in your own kitchen. Learning how to cook well can help you feel better about yourself. Self-confidence is a precious thing, and a culinary education can give it to you. Don't be ashamed of your cooking skills, or lack thereof, any longer; go to school and learn how to cook in a way that you can be proud of.

And if cooking has always been one of your passions and the job of your dreams, then make that dream a reality with a culinary degree. While an education from one of the top cooking schools can't give you everything you've always dreamed of, it can at least help you out a little along the way. So if you are asking yourself whether or not you should get a culinary education, perhaps the answer should be that you really don't have anything to lose from the experience.

Andy West is a freelance writer for The Culinary Institute of Virginia College. Culinard offers two outstanding culinary programs. For information on one of the most prestigious cooking schools, please visit http://www.culinard.com .

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