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How File Sharing Programs Help Protect You

File sharing is one of the hottest use of the internet around and it is not hard to see the reason why. These p2p programs has all the latest features.

If you worry about whether file sharing is legal you can check out the frequently asked questions for more information on the court rulings to that effect. The files that are shared however may not be completely legal so one p2p client Mp3 rocket has come up with ways to help you protect yourself when it comes to downloading files.

When you open Mp3rocket you will find a section in the search results window that says license. It is a small column, which is located on the right hand side of the file name. In this column a symbol will appear with most files. There are several symbols and each symbol represents a licensing type. Check the frequently asked questions for more information on the appearance of the symbols.

Each of the licensing types has a distinct mark.

Creative Commons and Public Domain are types that allow people to share the files freely creative commons is an actual copyright, which allows personal use. It may not allow for commercial use. Public domain are files that are free of copyright, usually due to age and can be used for any reason or purpose.

There is also a new licensing type, which has come out that allows a try before you buy. This is the type of license that states that you can download and listen or view the file a certain number of times or over a particular period of time, most often it is 24 hours before it is requested that you remove the file from your computer

If you are unsure what the file is listed as or it is not marked consider consulting the link provided on Mp3rockets website that will allow you to search for copyright information on a particular artist, song or file. If the file is copyrighted do not download it. The only exception would be if you owned the file in a different format such as a cd or video cassette and you were downloading a copy as a back up. However this is a grey area though most copyright holders do not object to single copies for back up purposes.

These are some of the ways that Mp3Rocket stands out among the rest of the file share programs in its effort to provide you with up to date information as to the controversy that has risen due to file share programs and helps to keep your file sharing totally and completely legal. If you are looking into file share programs consider Mp3 Rocket seriously it is a program that is easy to use, easy on resources, provides protection and information for you and can even earn you income through its affiliate program.


About the Author (text)For more information please visit http://www.pagerank10.co.uk/music/mp3_rocket_4_9/

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