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Green Star Juicers Reviewed

If you browse through some sites on the web, you will notice that Green Star juicers belong to high quality appliances and are considered a good buy. They are well known for their efficiency and durability, which is what most of customers want from their juicer. There are several features that put Green Star juicers in front of competitors. One of them is a low operating speed.

This looks quite surprising, considering that higher speed means a quicker way to the juice. But things are not what they seem to be. Higher speed means more noise and more heat.

Noise is something we can be uncomfortable with, especially if we are having a conversation in the kitchen or watching TV. And the heat that is produced due to high speed of cutting blades will create a low-nutrients juice. The heat causes oxidation and kills minerals in the fruit and vegetables.

Since Green Star juicers have a low RPM, they do not produce heat and you get a better juice from these juicers. Green Star uses twin gear technology and operates on lower speeds, which gives a longer life to your motor. This is possible because the components are made out of quality materials. Without cutting blades, the juice has more nutrients.

Green Star juicers actually squeeze the content, they do not cut it and create oxidation. This is possible due to high motor strength and good design of twin gear technology. You will get few more benefits with Green Star juicers, besides quiet operation and healthier juices. These juicers have magnets installed within them, and the main goal of these magnets is to get rid of heavy metals and the pesticides that can be found in fruits and vegetables.

This is something you really need to take advantage of, since the juice that goes through Green Star juicer is healthiest you can find. By removing harmful ingredients from the juice, you will be able to store the juice for up to 48 hours. You can store the juice in the fridge and it will be fresh when you want to drink it again. This is a huge advantage over the juice that is made in a juicer with cutting blades. We said that Green Star juicers squeeze their content, and this is a great thing regarding leafy vegetables and herbs. You will be able to make wheat grass juice with these juicers, and this shows the true power of Green Star.

If you want to buy a special juicer for wheat grass, you are free to do so, but this juicer will suit you just fine. Another cool benefit is that you can remove the pulp from your juices with Green Star juicers. This is a feature many juicers have, but we think it is worth to mention it.

Green Star has quality juicers that have various benefits and capabilities. You will have a chance to choose one of them and see how much they are truly worth. Whichever you choose, it will be great addition to your healthy diet and your kitchen.

In case you are interested in Green Star juicer or in affordable mastication juicer, please visit our Juicer Guide site.

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