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Finding Love The Law of Attraction In Action

Finding our perfect match is one of the most fundamental needs of a human being. We all need water, food, clothing and shelter. And we all need our soul partner. Our current world is increasingly isolating. Fewer and fewer of us know our neighbors. More and more of us work behind computer screens - and even play behind them.

How do we find love? The more we become, as individuals, increasingly interested in 'things holistic', the less likely we are to meet significant friends and our soul mate through traditional avenues such as bars, sporting events and loud, noisy socials. So how do we find love? If we're lucky, our perfect match is a good friend of someone we already know. And that someone we already know is keenly attuned to their intuition, such that they perceive a natural connection between us and their good friend. And they take action on their intuitive sense - and set up a meeting between us.

And we both trust ourselves and have courage - and we agree to meet. How often does this happen in our current society? So many of us have - just like concrete over grass - paved over our intuition and our sensitivity to our subtle energy 'signals'. We live in a 'gross energy' world, relying on things that have already happened to be our 'truth'. So how do we find love? We bite into the new ways of this world.

We allow someone who has dedicated themselves to linking us with other mature, sensitive, 'green singles' - people who are interested in the values and ideals that we hold dear. Online Dating - How Times Have Changed! Online dating sprung into being in the late 1990's. With the advent of the worldwide web and its brilliance in enabling us to connect with like-minded souls around the entire globe, it was an obvious tool - ripe and ready for use in finding love. Web dating allows incredible privacy - superb for people who are typically shy when it comes to finding love.

Without disclosing anything about yourself that you choose to reveal only once you've gotten to know someone sufficiently well for your liking, you are completely in charge of the pace by which you meet singles. You can share things that are special and private to you through communicating on the site in ways that may not come up in face-to-face conversations. Or you can slow things down to your very own pace, taking time as you send winks, smiles and brief emails to your prospective partner via the site's instant messaging, chat rooms and forums. It's all up to you. You choose.

You're in charge. What a relief! You can even explore a more empowered sense of yourself through choosing a User Name other than your first name - the one given to you at birth. If you've felt yourself glowing like sunshine, you can call yourself 'Sunshine'.

If you love hiking in forests, you can call yourself 'Forest Hiker'. If you're a vegan interested in astrology, you can call yourself 'Vegan Astrologer'. It's all up to you. You decide how you want to present yourself to the world - and to your prospective new friends and perfect match.

You can share things that are dear to your heart through communication on the site in ways that may not come up in face-to-face conversations. You can go as deep as you like in your presentation of yourself - or skim the surface for awhile. It's all up to you. You choose. You're in charge. What a relief! Green Singles - a New Wave of Love With the proliferation of web sites offering online dating as a way to meet your soul mate, a gap soon became evident.

Many of the people seeking love via the web are actually seeking sex. Online dating, for many, has become a worldwide access to personals focused on the bare minimum of what intimate encounter with another human being can offer - sex. There is so much more to a relationship than this. Sex is a crucial aspect of how we connect deeply with ourselves and with our partner. Yet a relationship which is based solely on sex becomes swiftly dissatisfying to many people.

Here's where 'green singles' come in. A small handful of web dating sites have been designed specifically for Singles interested in ecology, spirituality, soulful relationships, nutrition, holistic health, global peace, awakening human consciousness and more. This small handful is unique in that they're all about assisting you to swiftly find your perfect match - and great new friends - near your current home and around the world. It's about you meeting the right people for you - people who enrich your life, make you laugh and relax, connect you to a deeper sense of who you are and to the tremendous meaning and value of your life. Law of Attraction - Magnetize Your Perfect Match! 'Green Singles' sites are more apt to teach - and model - the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is so incredibly powerful. It's not just about 'thinking about' who you want to meet as your perfect match. It's about becoming the parallel energy of that person. Here's the key: When you become the energetic vibration of what you want, it comes directly to you. We're talking energy - subtle energy - vibration. Vibration is what the Law of Attraction is based on.

You magnetically attract to you the things, people, events and opportunities that match your vibration. This is the 'science' of the Law of Attraction. I once had the pleasure of hearing Len George, a son of the famous Chief Dan George, speak.

He said, "When I became the man I wanted to marry ? I met my wife." That's it, in a nutshell. That's the Law of Attraction in action.

When you are able to clarify who you want to be in your relationship; how you want to feel; what kind of outlook you want to have on yourself, life and the world around you through being in that relationship - then you begin to move yourself into the energy field of being that relationship. You literally become it, energetically. And as you become it, you effortlessly attract it to you.

This is the essence of more holistic approaches to web dating - the opportunity for you to easily, effortlessly meet 'law of attraction singles' - other people like you who are interested in attracting the best, most meaningful, most respectful and empowering heart-centred relationship possible. Carpe diem! Seize the day! Why hide? Step out and meet someone new - today.

Ariole K. Alei is the Author of 6 books. She frequently leads TeleClasses on a variety of topics. An International Speaker, Teacher, Coach and Healer, Ariole is the Co-Founder, with her husband Colin Hillstrom, of HeartSong Solutions - Life and Relationship Training - and HeartSong Matchmaking - "the world's first holistic meeting site for spiritually and ecologically minded singles". http://www.HeartSongMatchmaking.com http://www.HeartSongSolutions.ca http://www.SoulfulSinglesBlog.com

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