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Cool Wedding Favors Ideas

It is often the case that the simplest part of something, often takes the longest to arrange; wedding favors can be one of those. Don't worry if you can't think of anything as there is a whole industry set up supplying treats for guests. This is important because it can take a great deal of stress when you realize the big event is rapidly approaching and these haven't been organized. One option for an easy wedding favor, especially popular with women is flowers.

The preparation for flowers is almost non existent other than deciding on what flowers to use which can be ordered reasonably close to the big day. Many people who choose flowers decide on a single red rose for each guest as a symbol of their love. You can simply purchase one for each guest and have a member of the catering staff, a friend or family member place one rose across each place setting after the tables have been set for the wedding reception. More and more people decide an easy wedding favor to give their guests is candy in a presentation tin or box. However, there is an even easier way to give candy and also help you to save money on centerpieces. This can be accomplished by using large bowls filled with different types of candy as the centerpieces on each table.

You can then provide each wedding guest with a small bag and a note encouraging them to enjoy the candy in the centerpiece. All you have to do is let each guest have the option to take whatever candy they like and you won't have anything more to do. Although candy is popular, you may wish to give your guests a picture frame which is longer lasting and more useful. Pictures frames are often used as wedding favors but people spend a great deal of time wrapping each one individually to create a beautiful presentation for the guests.

By using the picture frames as placeholders provides a way around this, making it a gift that does not need to be wrapped. One final idea for a very easy wedding favor is to give each guest a digital photo of themselves at the reception by hiring a photographer to take a picture of each couple as they arrive at the wedding reception. All the photographer needs to do is to have a printer with him so he can give each guest their photo before they leave later in the day. It is a nice gift and a wedding favor your guests will appreciate when they leave with a photo of how they looked on your wedding day. Many photographers will also have a projector so could arrange a looping slide show of all the photos he had taken of the guests.

Roses are often considered traditional wedding flowers and memorable reception gift ideas.. Always remember to communicate clearly your wedding florists when deciding on the gifts you'll will give your friends and family.

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