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Christmas Trees Symbols of Christmas

One of the many engaging things that help to bring the magic of Christmas into our homes and hearts is the festively decorated Christmas tree. It is often the central item and focal point of the Christmas holiday decorations found in most homes. Elaborately decorated Christmas trees have spread beyond the family home into businesses, shopping centers, and town squares. In most places, the official kick-off to the Christmas season is lighting the town Christmas tree, which marks the beginning of town-held holiday events.

Interestingly, the history of the Christmas tree can actually be traced back to when prehistoric pagan practices became Christianized. In the pagan belief, the evergreen tree, which is what is used for the vast majority of Christmas trees, was used to symbolize the renewal of life. The modern Christmas tree has many different stories regarding its origin.

Germanic tribes were of the impression that Patron trees were a sacred item. Medieval myths are known to reference the miraculous "flowering" of evergreen trees seen during the Christmas season. Plus, the tree that clearly associates with the concept of the holy trinity is the evergreen tree due to the triangular shape it possesses.

However, the Germans are credited with decorating the first evergreen tree inside the home, essentially creating the Christmas tradition that has become a favorite of many generations. And it all took place prior to the invention of electricity. Now, in modern times we clearly realize the danger of having lit candles on a tree, but it was commonplace back then. Tiny, delicate candles were used and actually lit after being placed on the branches. For the past hundred years, various kinds of lights have been used to decorate Christmas trees instead of candles. Some families will choose traditional lights that remind them of the way things were when they were children.

Other more techno-savvy families will utilize the latest in lighting technologies with chasing, flashing, and changing lights that are run by small computer chips. The Christmas tree ornaments that a family chooses also add to the memories that will be created and cherished, especially by the children. Some families prefer using the same traditional ornaments on their tree every year, but others find it more interesting to have a different theme every year. Many others prefer to make a special ornament purchase every Christmas. This gives their grown children a collection of not only ornaments but also treasured memories to take with them to their new home. The Christmas tree will doubtless continue to be the primary focal point of the Christmas season.

It will also bring joy, festive feelings, and treasured memories that add to the warmth and glow of the holiday, helping to perpetuate that sense of longing for Christmas that comes each year to each heart.

Marlia Brightston, a middle school teacher loves to decorate her classroom, especially when it's Christmas. From pre-lit Christmas wreaths to led pre lit trees, she decorates both her classroom and her home in Christmas finery. She loves lighted Christmas trees, knowing that they save her a lot of time, energy, and money

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