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Bridal Advice

Choose a gown you love? Your wedding gown should make you feel absolutely beautiful, absolutely bridal, absolutely you? Today you have more opportunities than ever to find "The Perfect Dress". Designers are creating endless styles in a array of fabrics to fit all budgets and to flatter all shapes and sizes, including maternity. Decide on a day to dedicate to shopping for your dress and bring along one or two other people, perhaps your Mother and the Maid of Honor.

This way, they too can share in the excitement and add some advice on the attendants dresses, however the final choice is yours, this is your time to shine. Plan a lunch somewhere special that doesn't require a reservation, as a reservation will put unnecessary stress as to when you have to leave the shop. Some bridal shops will require an appointment if you plan on trying on gowns, others will not. Calling ahead and making an appointment will ensure you get the full attention you deserve. Discuss your style preference, color, style and budget.

The salesperson will get a good idea of what you are looking for and quite possibly help you find that perfect dress that much sooner. It is a good idea too, to bring along or wear panty hose and suitable undergarments and shoes. Clip up your hair so you remain cool and if you have chosen to wear it down on your day, once you have the dress on, just release the clip to have it cascade down. If you are planning an up do, then having it clipped up will show your beautiful neckline without having to hold your hair up yourself. Keep in mind, your budget and your attendant's budget.

It is easy to be caught up in the moment and spend more than you have planned. Your beauty will truly enhance your dress, just as the dress will enhance your beauty. Try not to place added stress onto the upcoming day by over spending in the early planning stages, unless your pocketbook allows.

Men want to look their best too, and choosing a tuxedo is not be something that should be done hastily. It's never too early to shop for your tuxedos. Register with a tuxedo shop as soon as possible to ensure the styles are available. In fact, begin shortly after the bride has selected her gown.

The cumber bun and ties, bow ties and accessories (cuff links, tie clips) can be easily matched to the attendant's dresses. The grooms personal style and taste needs to be the deciding factor while keeping in mind, the entire wedding party. Ask if the shop offers discounts for larger bridal parties because oftentimes, the groom's tuxedo is free in large party orders. Insist that you try on your tuxedo before you pick it up, if there is something wrong, alterations can be made onsite.

As well as with your attire, your transportation is important also. The elegance and sophistication of every detail illustrates just how special this day is. Your choice of transportation is no different. Whether you arrive in a massive Hummer limousine or an elegant horse-drawn carriage, you will be sure to make a dramatic and memorable entrance. Whichever option you choose, there are several things to take into consideration.

Styles of limousines and carriages, how is the fee assessed, is there a minimum rental time, is there a deposit required, what is the companies cancellation policy, are the vehicles and drivers properly licensed and insured? Don't forget there are additional exciting choices you can make. Trolleys carry numerous people and can be quite charming. Hot air balloons, golf carts, motorcycles and vintage cars are also fun ways to arrive and or depart.

Essential Wedding Favors is a company founded by Paul Darch and Tracey Spencer in 2006. Wanting to provide a bride and groom a source to find as much information about planning their wedding, inspired them to create a website dedicated to just that. http://www.essentialweddingfavors.com

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