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American Idol One Dimensional Doesnt Work

I for one was not surprised that Chris was voted off last night. I think it is a shame because I believe he was the strongest vocally of the group but his choice of songs Tuesday night was his downfall. Both songs were basically the same in all respects - Rock, loud, beat, with little substance. Where Chris used to shine was when he surprised us with a tender side.

Taylor did that and chose songs that showed his personality as well as his versatility. And, of course, Elliot chose songs that showed his tremendous musical skill. Many people predicted that Kathryn was in trouble and I agreed.

But there is something that is "star-quality" about her that a little training will improve. She tries to push her songs to levels that she can't support right now. Maybe it is nerves or being a little unsure but the quality of her tone is there to build on. And she radiates in front of the camera more than any that have ever been on American Idol before.

Her performance from the floor a week ago showed what she is capable of and she needs to go back to her strength. Maybe rock and roll was the problem but she could have chosen better songs. What is going to happen from here? It is all going to depend upon song choice and personality. Anyone of the final three can win this thing. Kathryn has been brilliant at times but then she has also been on the hot seat more than any of the remaining contestants. Elliot, in my mind, has the voice.

But he has got to do more to show some personality or he will be on his way home. Taylor may not be the strongest vocally, but he the most fun to watch and I think people like that. He is real and he is obviously someone that people relate to. I personally hated to see any of the final 4 leave the show. In their own way they are all stars and the balance of the talent was fun to watch since you knew it was going to be something special from each one of them.

Music is a tough business but with this kind of exposure and the talent that each possesses, they are all going to have stellar careers. That you can count on!.

Article by Jeff Gustafson - songwriter, crooner, musician, entrepreneur, golfer

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