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Afghanistan culture kept alive through afghan websites

Afghanistan is a large Asian Country situated amidst India, Persia, and northern Asia. The Afghanistan map has changed a lot over the years. This means that the region has been under a lot of foreign influence throughout time. Therefore, the Afghan culture is unique in the world. Since the 1970s, this country has been the location of many conflicts and wars.

There was a Soviet invasion in 1979 and there was a conflict with the US in 2001. With all this turmoil, it is easy to understand how the Afghan culture and sense of community has suffered. Therefore, the Afghan people have created new and modern ways to stay in touch no matter where on the Afghanistan map they are located. Afghans from any region or country can log on to the Internet and visit websites created specifically for the Afghan community. People from Afghanistan take great pride in their religion, country, ancestry and their independence. Afghans do not want to change their way of life and their way of thinking because of the changes that occur in the modern Western world.

No matter what changes may appear on the Afghanistan map, the Afghans will always stick together and will fight for their right to freedom. This country's culture has suffered greatly because of the civil wars and permanent violence that has taken place almost anywhere within this land. The Taliban destroyed the two famous statues of Buddha in the Bamyan Province because they regarded them as idols. However, apart from religious concerns, the Afghans also display a variety of ways of entertainment. Among these one, one can identify a type of national sport such as buzkashi is.

This is a kind of polo. Nowadays, the Internet helps with the preservation of all these values of the country. People have the possibility to log on to websites that offer chat rooms for the Afghans. Here, they can share their beliefs about music, politics, Islam, sports, culture, people and economy. This is a way for Afghans from all around the world to keep their cultural heritage intact, even if the Afghanistan map is not intact. Keeping in touch through the Internet gives the people of Afghanistan the possibility to download new music and literary works that are not commonly available in other countries.

With such websites, you can even purchase Afghan clothing, food, CDs and DVDs, gifts, Islam products and even tickets for concerts. Keeping in touch with your own culture and people is very important, as your nationality is a part of what you are and of what defines you most appropriately. This is why it is important for the people of Afghanistan, no matter where they are located on the ever-changing Afghanistan map or in other countries, to keep in touch through chat rooms and websites in order to preserve their national heritage intact.

One should keep in mind the following notion: communication is essential. The chatting opportunity we provide is another of the many means of improving communication. By making use of it, people have the chance to consolidate relationships.

In this manner, we are able to secure a reliable channel along which friendships build and become stronger.

Afghanistan is a wonderful country, trying to keep its culture and ideas alive through modern means. The Afghanistan map may change in the future, but the people will keep the Afghan spirit alive for future generations.

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